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You know two heads are better than one.

Intuitive Coaching

Because you know two heads are better than one. Really, two hearts and souls are, for clarity, inspiration and wisdom, especially during these current, radically changing times.

*Who are you really, besides your personality, cultural personas and projections from others? What is your soul purpose? What are you being inwardly urged to do, to allow, to learn, to release, to transform, to transcend and to create? Who are you here to assist? How can you deepen your connection to nature? Are your well-being and spiritual growth top priorities? 

Coaching is available in person, via Zoom or over the phone. Price is $85.00 per hour.


Humor, curiosity  and wonder are spiritual tools! So is dedication to meditation, discernment, and diligence in spiritual practice.

soul portrait mandala readings

Soul Portrait Mandalas

Like looking into a mirror of colors and shapes that reflect who you currently are, Soul Portrait Mandalas depict your individual qualities, attributes and reveal your areas of unawareness. As I draw and interpret the emerging mandala, we have a conversation full of intuitive insights to help you to discern, instigate and actualize your unfolding soul-based intentions and choices.

Each mandala is 5” x 7”, drawn in colored pencil and can be tucked into a journal, framed or put on an altar. Sessions are  

1 1/2 hours long,

available in person, via Zoom or over the phone. Price is $125.00

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Creativity & Intuition

 Creativity and intuition are powerful partners within everyone. Intuition is an in- breath, firing the imagination. Creativity is the out-breath, allowing what is envisioned to unfold. Dive into tools and tips for greater access to these innate abilities.


Art-based workshops are for

all levels of artistic experience, but none is necessary. If your confidence in making art disappeared sometime after kindergarten, fear not. Reconnect to your "art part" or enhance your art practice by accessing your intuition.


*DISCOVERY OF PERSONAL SYMBOLS: A fun and fascinating intuitive journey!

~What Shapes, Colors and Symbols Do You Project Energetically? 

~We emit a set of signature symbols, shapes and colors that reflect our personalities and energies. For example, are you true blue, fiery red, mellow yellow? Introverted, compassionate, pragmatic, outgoing? 

~Each participant discerns, interprets and draws simple symbols to represent the characteristics and qualities of the others. Next, the drawings are individually assembled   into a collage or booklet . 

energy work for animals

Energy Balancing for Animals

Animals, like humans, benefit from alignment and  balancing of their energetic structures, for accelerating healing, to reduce stress, to adjust to new living situations and for general wellbeing.


Energy balancing activates and facilitates a body's own healing capacity and integrates with other healing modalities, including veterinary care.


I work with horses, dogs and cats, in person or long distance. I am certified in  Bio-Energetic Healing, after working with my mentor Annis Parker, Healing Touch Practioner and Teacher, with Healing Touch New Zealand


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