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 * I am visionary *

Hi. My name is Carol. My business is Art & Intuition. I make transcendental, transformational art in a variety of mediums, art that comes from curiosity, questioning and the exploration of inner realms and subtle energies, to empower people and their environments.

My Blue Door Studio is a rustic log cabin, high in the rural western Colorado Rocky Mountains, where I can walk out the door and be immersed in the natural world. 

I help people to go deeper, beyond the surface of everyday life, to access inner knowing , broader perspectives and potentials, to develop skills for life design.


During these times of rapid changes on Earth and to every species including humans, I believe that it is super important to look within, to see with new eyes what is true, what is no longer working and to make choices to reveal soul purpose. We can't do it alone.                  

I have a life-long affinity with animals and nature. My husband and I live on a working cattle ranch, with our horses, dog, cat and a variety of wildlife.  Some of my closest friends are trees.

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"To be with Carol Connor is to experience human existence from a truly magical, playful, and reverent viewpoint. Carol's uniquely joyful perspective on life opens possibilities for her clients, colleagues, and friends that did not previously exist. Whether connecting with her as coach, intuitive, or artist (perhaps all three at once!), Carol's bright technicolor sensibilities and gentle fathomless insights will permeate your life experience and turn you on in fresh, exhilarating ways. Her intimacy with the natural world is second to none; she generously elucidates upon it and shares it with those fortunate enough to hang out in her realm. When you're ready to discover the wonder of yourself and embrace your one precious life, Carol Connor will guide you all the way to the mountaintop. "                         


  -Holly LeMaster

"Carol's art reminds us of the complexity and beauty of our inner selves and of the connections between our physical and spiritual worlds. Her art is full of energy and insights. Carol taps into other dimensions in her work, inviting the viewer to step beyond the physical world that we are all accustomed to and enter an intriguing world of possibilities. Her art inspires personal growth and transformation."

   - Christine Baxter

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