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My art is diverse, ranging from intuitive abstract paintings to assemblages made from found and altered objects to equine art. The focus of my art is transcendental, to visually bring inner sensing into the outer world.   
Here in the mountains, changes in the natural world are dramatic. What is happening in its seemingly empty spaces, the interstices that are filled with energy, potentials, magic, movement and life force? How do we, as humans, recognize and deeply explore our often-unnoticed connections to nature, to ourselves, to each other?  What does wind say to water? How does rain inform a river, a high alpine stream? My paintings emerge from such questions.

The history of ranching and mining in the west is threaded with inventive use of what is at hand. I tap into this vein, as I make assemblages from pieces of rusted ranching machinery, used ordinary household items, altered objects and other odds and ends. It is fun to play with discarded things and to create new, surprising connections and relationships between them. 

As I make equine art, I ask, what do horses think and feel? What colors represent their personalities? I have the endless desire to capture the essence of those that I know, have known or what is innate within them collectively.

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